Thursday, 7 March 2019

Choosing the Right Drinking Fountain for Your Cat

 Knowing that drinking much more water is actually essential for your cat's overall health and that water fountains are actually a good way to inspire the cat of yours to consume additional water, the next phase is actually deciding which fountain is actually right for the cat.

The 2 principal considerations when selecting a make and model are actually what the cat drinking water fountain is actually made of, and just how your cat likes drinking. We are going to look at both of these components in much more detail so you are able to decide on the water fountain that's appropriate for the cat of yours.

Cat Water Fountain Construction

Cat water fountains are often produced of plastic, stainless steel or perhaps ceramic. There are also variations within the clear plastic produced fountains, as a few are actually made from inexpensive plastics that scratch readily and some of far better quality, higher quality plastics that happen to be much more long-lasting.

Generally, we highly encourage you in order to purchase a water fountain that's made of either stainless or ceramic steel, as well as to stay away from fountains which are made of plastic. Every cat water fountains have a few clear plastic construction, typically around the pump or maybe motor housing. The essential thing is actually avoiding fountains that have clear plastic bowls or even drinking surfaces; anyplace your cat's skin might touch it. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, several cats are able to have serious skin response to plastics. It's not clear in case this's from a strong allergy to the plastic itself, or even if it is from the fungal and bacterial harmful toxins which could be harbored in chafing in the plastic material. Either way, reactions are able to range from gentle irritation of the skin of theirs, typically on the face (known as chin acne), to serious infections requiring cleaning and antibiotics.

Second, it's nearly impossible to stay away from scratches developing in the plastic material. Higher quality plastics (found in the costlier plastic fountains) are far more reluctant to scraping, but eventually your complete cleaning will creates micro scratches, permitting a foothold for bacterial development. Bacterial growth and mold is able to develop off fragrances and odors which could result in the cat of yours to stay away from the fountain.

There's no point purchasing a water fountain for the wellness of the cat of yours in case it brings about health problems, or maybe your cat stays away from drinking from it.

Cat Drinking Fountain Design

The following, and just as important concern, would be the look of the water fountain. You will find two primary types of fountains, the ones that have water moving down the edge of the water fountain to fulfill a huge pool (such as the Pioneer Pet models), and those who have a falling stream layout, akin to water moving from the sink of yours or maybe bathtub faucet (Drinkwell 360 models).

Does your cat choose to consume out of puddles, big bowls or maybe flat surfaces? In that case, pick an unit with a big pool, like the Pioneer pet versions, available in each stainless and ceramic steel. If however your cat is constantly on the counter of yours or maybe tub begging for one to flip the on the faucet, the Drinkwell 360 version in stainless steel is perfect for you.

Considerations for a number of cat households

Lots of individuals have much more than a single cat and those cats might have various drinking preferences. If you've one cat which adores the faucet and another which really loves consuming from level surfaces, sadly, there is not a version made of stainless or ceramic steel that should be appropriate for both the cats of yours. For the wellness of all the cats of yours, we will motivate you to buy a stainless or ceramic steel type of each kind. In case you absolutely cannot do this, then the Drinkwell Platinum design might be a sensible compromise. Although it's made of high grade plastic, it's still plastic hence bear that in mind in case your select this particular fountain.


Consider the Drinkwell 360 in stainless steel if your cat loves consuming from the faucet or even bathtub. Select a Pioneer Pet Raindrop Design water feature if your cat likes drinking from flat surfaces.

If at all possible, for the heath of the cat of yours and for probably the freshest, cleanest water, typically pick a water fountain made of stainless or ceramic steel.

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